Internet of Things is booming the era. Internet of things define under many field like Home, commercial and Industrial. Amazon stepping with the time in IoT and provide an effective platform to monitor and control your Electric Equipments. Now its easy to monitor and control your home appliances like Lights, Fan, UPS, Gates, Energy Meter, Motor, Security surveillance and many more using amazon AWS IoT platform. Amazon AWS IoT also offers variety of solutions in Commercial Automations like VAV, VFD, AHU, Boilers, Access Control System, UPS, Fire Alarm Panels, PLC, BMS, SCADA and many more over the cloud. 

VyaPra International Inc. can help you to integrate your electric appliances with BMS/SCADA. We have successfully offered customized solutions to many of our customers to integrate electric systems so they can monitor and control effectively. 

Amazon AWS IoT

VyaPra International Inc. offers cost effective, easy to maintain and attractive and luxuries Monitoring solutions which makes your day to day activity more easy and comfortable. Using our integration solution you can now able to get real time data from anywhere and also able to control. We provide solution with high scalability and availably. 

We helps you to build up a frame work on AWS IoT platform for you to your clients. We provides end to end solutions. We provide Control and Analytics solutions from Amazon web Service. Through which you are able to connect your Edge devices with AWS platform and able to analyze it. Amazon IoT communicates using MQTT, HTTPS and LoRaWAN through secure channel with end-to-end encryption.

We can offer you solution for 

AWS IoT Device Management

In the jungle of IoT devices it is important to manage all your Edge devices securely after deployment. AWS IoT Device Management also helps to access your Edge device securely, Monitor its health, remotely detect and troubleshoot bugs and upgrade firmware. 

Amazon AWS IoT Device Management

AWS IoT Device Defender

Now secure your Edge device with Secure Certificate of AWS IoT Device Defender so revoked Certified device or unauthenticated devices not able to get connect with your IoT platform. It notifies if there are any security breach or any loop hole raised as the number of Edge devices raise by frequently auditing security vulnerabilities.

Amazon AWS IoT Device Defender

AWS IoT Things Graph

Visualize your field device data with attractive graphics, charts, widgets and some predefined device types like Camera, Sensors, Switches and so on. Visualization of complex process makes easy to design framework and schedule automation.

Amazon aws iot things graph

AWS IoT Events

Through AWS IoT Events, it is easy to manage events which occurs due to some process failure. AWS IoT events continuously monitor events occurring on millions of remote devices like Sensors or Edge devices. It can also trigger response based on defined logic to solve the issue as soon as possible to reduce maintenance cost and improve operational efficiency. 

Amazon aws iot event

AWS IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics helps to collect, clean and analyze IoT data which it receives from edge or end devices. It helps Data Engineer to channelize the data and filter out important information from it and store for future analysis. Data Analyst make sets of data to gain insight from regularly updated data from field devices. From set of data using SQL queries and Artificial inelegancy can migrate information on Monitoring dashboard for analyze and report purpose.

Amazon aws iot analytics