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VyaPra International Inc is well established Digital Marketing Consulting Agency with adequate experience in Digital Marketing Platforms. We have a team of professionals having experience in the various channels (Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Content Marketing) of Digital Marketing. Enroll now and grow your business online. We encourage you to become an expert in promoting brands and services online. Start your career with our Certification Course in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Modules

Digital Marketing: Introduction
What is Digital Marketing?
Search Engine Optimization
What is SEO? Types of SEO
Google Analytics
Learn about Google’s Real Time Reports
Google Webmaster Tools
Get to know about the Insights and Highlights about your Website
Search Engine Algorithms
Overview on the Google’s Algorithms
Google Ads
What are Google Ads? Learn about Google Ads Campaign
Google Adsense
Understand the concept of Google Adsense
Social Media Marketing
Grow your presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
Email Marketing
Learn Email Marketing via MailChimp.